A programme made for you

We’ll design a programme designed to help you:

  • overcome your nerves
  • deliver your speeches clearly and convincingly
  • feel confident when speaking in public
  • organise and present your ideas
  • think on your feet

There are ten assignments you can work through at your own pace. Each one concentrates on a particular aspect of public speaking but builds on the one that preceded it  – for example, working on speech construction, use of voice and use of vocabulary.

The first assignment is simply called ‘Icebreaker’ – a short prepared speech on anything you want to talk about – many people just talk about themselves! Go all the way to the tenth assignment and you’ll be pulling together all the skills from the previous nine assignments – and have become a public speaker of considerable quality, skill and confidence!

Evaluating other people’s speeches

Evaluating other people’s speeches not only helps other members’ speeches but helps your own too. Your early speeches will be evaluated by someone more experienced than you – but as you develop your skills and confidence, you’ll start to give feedback and evaluate other people’s speeches.

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