Questions and Answers

1. What’s Colchester Speakers Club like?

We’re a small, friendly club and our aim is to provide a supportive environment where members can practice their speeches and develop their skills in an enjoyable atmosphere.

2. Why do people join?

They all want to improve their speaking skills but in different ways and for different reasons.  For some people they may be preparing for a ‘one off’ speech – for example as best man at a wedding.  Others may need to deliver speeches as part of their work and want to do so more effectively.

3. I’m scared – is that normal?

Yes, palpitations, feeling tongue tied, dry mouthed and shaky are common sensations! Fear of public speaking provokes higher anxiety in us than almost anything else including divorce, moving house and even death!

People spend  years hiding from their fear of public speaking.  So if you are feeling scared, remember, your fears are shared by others who’ve joined our Club for the same reasons you’re thinking of joining – and who will be facing their fears and developing their public speaking alongside you.

4. What will I learn?

You’ll learn to:

  • overcome initial nervousness and develop your self confidence
  • organise and present your ideas and think on your feet

In addition you’ll develop an understanding of the importance of:

  • body language and the speed at which you speak
  • pausing and the tone of your voice

5. How will I learn?

  • You’ll follow a step-by-step programme in your own time and at a pace that suits you.
  • You’ll practice your speaking through club meetings and workshops with experienced speakers on hand with lots of support and advice

6. Can I see what it’s like without joining?

We’d be delighted to see you and there’s absolutely no obligation to join. Just call in, have a chat with other members –  and simply watch, listen and enjoy the evening.

  • visitors are welcome
  • there’s no charge to visit the club

7. What’s the cost?

£40 a year – payable only when you’ve visited us and decided you want to join. You can also purchase a Speakers Guide containing lots of useful information and assignments on public speaking 🙂

8. When and where do you meet?

  • the second Tuesday of each month – full list of dates can be found Here
  • start at 7.45 pm –  finish at 10.00 pm
  • 107 High Street (Conservative Club, entrance in  Maidenburgh Street) Colchester, CO1 1TH

9. Is the Club part of a larger organisation?

We’re members of  the Association of Speakers Clubs,  one of over 120 Speakers Clubs across the United Kingdom.

10. How do I find out more?