Eye Contact

soapboxEye contact

Making good solid eye contact throughout a speech is really important. Everyone in your audience needs to feel you are talking to him/her at some juncture.


Mentally divide your audience into THREE BLOCKS, left, centre and right, then into THREE rows, front, middle and back.

Rows Snip

  •  Make eye contact with at AN INDIVIDUAL in the centre block numbered 5 as you open your speech
  • As your speech progresses, shift your eye contact to AN INDIVIDUAL in the right block numbered 4
  • Track through every block always making sure you focus on AN INDIVIDUAL in each
  • Then start again but track through the blocks in a different order, focusing on a different person each time
  • Move your body as you shift your gaze so you look natural

A couple of ‘don’ts’

  • Don’t look out over a whole audience the way actors do – it looks artificial
  • Don’t just keep switching eye contact from the left to right side of the room – again it looks artificial

This may seem complicated but with practice is becomes second nature and helps build rapport with every audience member.