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10 January 2017 – Club Meeting & Speech Contest

10 January 2017 – Club Meeting & Speech Contest

We arrived at our normal venue only to find it locked up, all the lights off, and a notice saying “Power Failure – the club will be closed for 2 days”. However, Paul Johnstone saved the day by immediately going round to the Methodist Hall next door and procuring a room for no more than our usual rate. We all tramped over to the new room and set up the meeting there instead and (even without our normal lectern and lights) it turned into excellent evening with 9 members present and a closely fought Speech Contest 🙂

The club president, Keith Dickerson, conducted a warm-up session on the significant events that had happened to each speaker in 2016. All the speakers related very personal events and none of them so much as mentioned Brexit 😉


There was only one prepared speech this time as most of the evening would be devoted to the Speech contest. Philip gave his A8 Humour speech “The Humour of Teaching” which was evaluated by Paul Johnstone. The humour certainly came across and we sympathised with Philip who had not been formally trained as a teacher and did very well in the circumstances.

How to use the Voice effectively

Keith introduced a tutorial on Use of Voice although, as we had less time than usual, the practise sessions will happen at future meetings. Keith explained how the speaker could use changes in pitch, pace and volume while adding pauses in the right places, in order to add emphasis and make a speech more effective and memorable.

Speech Contest

After the break the club Speech Contest was chaired by Keith Dickerson . This turned into a well fought contest between 3 contestants:

  1. Michael Scales
  2. Sandra Harvey
  3. Stephen Tuthill

The judges were District President, Paul Johnstone, and club Education Director, David Couldrey. The contest was won by Michael Scales who who will represent Colchester at the East Area contests to be held at UCS, Ipswich on 16 February.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 21 February, which has been moved from 14 February as of course this would have been Valentine’s Day and most club members wanted to spend this with their loved ones.

Don’t forget to also come along to the ASC East Area Speech, Evaluation and Topics contests that will be hosted by Ipswich club at University College Suffolk on 16 February starting at 7.30pm.