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We’re lucky to meet in a venue that includes a bar –  a pre-meeting chat over a drink and again at half time is par for the course! 



At speakers club, I discovered my niche – I found I was good at speaking but I knew I had a lot to learn and that the speakers club was the place to get really good at it.”  James McGinty, IT Engineer.




“I couldn’t learn the skills I needed from a book – regular practice in front of an audience is the only way to learn.” David Couldrey, Business Manager.




“Before I joined the Club I became so frozen with fear at the prospect of speaking in public that I avoided it altogether – not true any more!”  Tamasin Davies, Communications Consultant.




“I’m now considered to be a good speaker. I love speaking to large audiences and its all due to the Club’s supportive learning programme”  Keith Dickerson, Environmental Consultant.


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We are members of the Association of Speakers Clubs which is the largest organisation of its kind in the United Kingdom.