13 September 2016 – Club Meeting & AGM

13 September 2016 – Club Meeting & AGM

The club president. Keith Dickerson, welcomed 14 speakers to the first meeting of the new season with a warm-up session on the subject of “What did you do over the summer?”. There were lots of interesting and informative responses and it was clear that most speakers had made significant achievements.


We managed to fit in 2 speeches before the break and another 2 afterwards:

  1. Lorraine gave her A1 Icebreaker speech “Old Habits Die Hard” which was evaluated by Keith Dickerson. This was more than an Introduction as a well rounded and entertaining and educational speech.
  2. Paul gave his A5 Use of Voice speech “Why is Donald Trump so Popular” which was evaluated by Philip Baldock. He almost convinced us that Donald Trump was taking the US by storm 😉
  3. Bronwyn gave her A1 Icebreaker speech simply titled “An Introduction” which was also a very interesting and informative introduction the the speaker.
  4. Michael gave his A3 Mean What You Say speech entitled “Should Drugs be Legalised in the UK” which was ably evaluated by Stephen Tuthill.


Somehow we also managed to fit in an AGM which was held in around 10 minutes flat before the break. I’m very pleased that we managed to elect a full committee for the following year. We also agreed to keep the membership fee stable at £40 but, if paid now, the membership will be valid until the end of 2017.


Finally David Couldrey led a topics session on various apparently unrelated themes. The highlight was Allan Karsten trying to convince us (with lots of humour) that the planet Saturn is really a giant UFO.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 11 October.

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