13 December 2016 – Club Meeting & Evaluation Contest

13 December 2016 – Club Meeting & Evaluation Contest

An excellent event, both enjoyable and educational, with 10 members, two new guests, two thoughtful and insightful speeches, and a closely fought Evaluation Contest with two contestants. What more could you ask for really?

The club president, Keith Dickerson, conducted a warm-up session on what members would really like to happen to them at Christmas compared with how they thought it would turn out. A lot of members would prefer to travel to somewhere hot (or very cold) for Christmas rather than stay in the UK as usual 😉


There were 2 speeches:

  1. Lorraine gave her A2 Construction speech “Laughter: is it a good form of medicine” which was evaluated by Stephen Tuthill. This speech was full of humorously delivered statistics. Did you know for example that even 4-month old babies can laugh, and that we laugh 400 times a day at the age of 5 but only 40 times a day at the age of 40? Laughter generates oxytocin in the brain and makes us fitter and healthier – a good laugh could be the equivalent of 10 minutes on the rowing machine 😉
  2. Jemala also gave her A2 Construction speech “Questioning the Purpose of Life” which was evaluated by Keith Dickerson. Did you know that we spend 25 years sleeping, 1.5 years in the bathroom, 2.5 years cooking and 17 years trying to lose weight. Apparently we should spend more time thinking about the meaning of life and what we want to do and not leave this until too late 😉

Both of these speeches could be a future contest winners once the speakers have mastered the techniques from the Use of Voice, Gestures and Audience Rapport assignments in the Speakers Guide.

How to use Notes effectively

Several more speakers practised the techniques introduced in October on how to use notes effectively to speak while not reading at the same time.

Evaluation Contest

After the break Keith Dickerson chaired the club Evaluation Contest. 2 contestants evaluated the same speech given by Trevor White, President of Felixstowe Club, who spoke on “The Self Preservation Society”. Judges were Trevor and our Area President Duncan Broatch. The contest was won by Stephen Tuthill with Philip Baldock as runner up. Stephen will therefore represent Colchester in the East Area Topics contest to be hosted by Ipswich Club on Thursday 16 February.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 10 January. This will also be our club Speech contest with the winner going through to the East Area Speech contest to be hosted by Ipswich club on 16 February.

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