11 October 2016 – Club Meeting

11 October 2016 – Club Meeting

The president, Keith Dickerson, welcomed 10 speakers and conducted a warm-up session on signifiant events which had occurred to members over the last month.


There were 2 speeches before the break:

  1. Mircea gave his A2 Construction speech on “Neuroplasticity” which was evaluated by David Couldrey. All I will say is that the brain is an amazing thing…
  2. Philip gave his A7 Use of Notes speech “The Coming Biotech Revolution” which was evaluated by Michael Scales. This was also a very stimulating speech in Philip’s inimitable style which made us think.

These were evaluated after the break. An additional challenge this month was that the red light bulb (signifying the end of the stated time for the speech) had blown and we had to make do with the green light coming on again.

Workshop on How to use Notes effectively

The president then led a workshop on how to use notes to speak while not reading at the same time. The idea is to look down, take in a phrase or line of text, look up and then deliver it to the audience it. It becomes 2nd nature after a while – it improves eye contact while slowing down the speech and lending a hint of gravitas. The best form of notes for this is where you have an easily memorable phrase or sentence (in large type and easy to remember) double spaced on each line. There was time for all members to practise the techniques, and next month members will bring in their own notes and deliver them using the same techniques.


Finally Stephen Tuthill led a topics session on the theme of Colchester which was evaluated by Keith Dickerson. The highlight was David Couldrey telling us (with lots of humour) about Colchester Castle (which hasn’t always been a castle), the tunnels under the High Street and the lorry full of orange juice spilling its load.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 8 November which will also be the club Topics contest.

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