10 May 2016 – Club Meeting

10 May 2016 – Club Meeting

The president, Keith Dickerson, welcomed 10 speakers and gave a run down of events at the ASC National Conference in Aberdeen on 22-24 April which he had attended on behalf of the club.


There were 5 speeches in a full and fun-packed evening:

  1. Susannah Musk delivered her A3 Mean What You Say speech “EU In or Out” evaluated by Philip Baldock.
  2. Allan Karsten delivered his A4 Gestures speech “Vibrational Energy” which was evaluated by David Couldrey.
  3. New member, Mircea Sterescu delivered his A1 Icebreaker speech introducing himself to the club which was evaluated by Paul Oliver.
  4. Richard Thomas delivered his A2 Construction speech entitled “Evolution of the Gas Boiler” evaluated by Allan Karsten.
  5. After the break, Scott Whitehead delivered his A4 Gestures speech based on a Powerpoint presentation which was evaluated by Keith Dickerson.


Topics this month revolved around the theme of Brexit (or not). Subjects included the impact of a possible Brexit on free trade, free movement of people, jobs, science & technology and education & training. A surprising number of speakers said that Brexit wouldn’t be too bad for the country and there would be some upsides as well as disadvantages.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 June.

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