10 October

Our 2nd meeting of the season went very well last night and we had 6 speeches (and 7 evaluations) together with a warm up and a Topics session on Gestures. The speeches were:

1. Paul Oliver A8 “What we did on Holiday”

2. Ben Rout A2 “Iceland a leader in Renewable Energy”

3. Diana Bond-Smith A1 “Introduction”

4. Philip Baldock A10 “The Hunt – What’s wrong with my generation?”

5. Louis Pace A1 “Father of the Bride”

6. Maggie Harling A4 “Analogy to Metaphor”

The star of the evening was Philip who passed his A10 Masterpiece speech and will now receive his ASC Certificate of Achievement – the first that we’ve awarded in the club since James McGinty left 🙂

The reason there were 7 evaluations was because a Masterpiece has to be evaluated by 2 evaluators (one from another club) so I asked Kevin Northcott, President of Sudbury club, to come along and evaluate Philip as well – we both wholeheartedly agreed on the pass.

Looking forward to seeing yuo all again on 14 November 🙂

Best wishes, Keith
President, Colchester Speakers Club

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